Solid Waste (Trash) & Recycling Collection 

Who Provides Solid Waste (Trash) and Recycling Pickup in Dickinson?

On January 13, 2015, the City Council of the City of Dickinson selected Republic Services of Houston as the new exclusive solid waste provider for residents and businesses in the City of Dickinson. Republic Services began providing service to all residential and commercial customers in the City of Dickinson on March 1, 2015.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding the City's recent change in solid waste providers.  If you have questions that the FAQ section below does not answer, please call Republic Services at (800) 234-7481.

The Frequently Asked Questions were most recently updated at 10:52 am on Tuesday, April 11, 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions: Establishing and Ending Service

Q -   I just moved to a new residence in Dickinson. How do I set up my trash and recycling service?
A -   Call Republic Services at (800) 234-7481 and they will guide you through the enrollment process.

Q -   How much does it cost to set up my trash and recycling service and have my tote(s) delivered?
A -   There is no charge to set up your service or for the initial delivery of your Republic Services totes. However, if you cancel your tote service and then re-enroll, tote redelivery charges will apply.

 Q -   How do I end my trash and recycling service?
A -   Call Republic Services at (800) 234-7481 to discontinue service, and they will guide you through the process. Please note that you may only end service if you are moving out or switching the billing to a different resident. City ordinance requires that all residential and commercial addresses in the city have solid waste service with Republic Services.

Frequently Asked Questions: Service Days and Times

Q -   When did Republic’s service begin?
A -   Republic began providing service to residents on March 1, 2015.

Q -   What are my trash pickup days?
A -   Trash pickup is provided on a twice weekly basis:
        If you live West of the Union Pacific railroad, your Pickup Days are on a Tuesday/Friday schedule.
        If you live East of the Union Pacific railroad, your Pickup Days are on a Monday/Thursday schedule.
        (Not sure it you live west or east of the railroad? Contact the City of Dickinson at 281-337-6235 and we can help!)

Q -  
What are my recycling pickup days?
A -   All residential curbside recycling collection services are provided on a weekly basis each Wednesday.

Q -   What time does my trash or recycling need to be placed curbside?

A -   Filled containers need to be placed at curbside by 7:00 am on each collection day.

Q -   When is bulk trash collected?
A -   Bulk trash is collected at curbside along with the regular trash pickup once each month, on the fourth Thursday or Friday (based on your regularly scheduled day) of the month. Bulk trash is defined as anything that would be unreasonable for a single person to safely handle, but does not include green waste. If you have something that requires two people to put it in a truck, please wait until your scheduled bulk trash day to set the item at your curb.
Q -   When is biodegradable "green waste" (such as leaves and sticks) collected?

A -   Green waste is collected at curbside on the second regular trash pickup of each week. On those days, trash is collected on the first pass, and green waste is collected separately later that same day. Additionally, customers may deliver green waste directly to the Living Earth (LETCO) facility on FM 1266 (view the flyer for more information).
Q -   My trash or recycling was not picked up. Whom do I contact?
A -   Contact Republic Service's customer support center at (800) 234-7481.

Frequently Asked Questions: Costs and Billing

Q -   What does the residential service cost?
A -   Residential service includes recycling at no additional cost, and is based on both the age of the primary resident (residents 60 years of age or older are eligible for senior discounts), and whether a Republic Services tote (trash cart) is used.  Please reference the table below:

Basic Service (no tote) $17.50
Basic Service (1 tote) $19.34
Senior/Basic Service (no tote) $16.19
Senior/Basic Service (1 Tote) $18.02
Senior/Disabled Basic Service/Backdoor (no tote) $16.19
Senior/Disabled Basic Service/Backdoor (1 tote) $18.02

Q -   What does the commercial service cost?
A -   Commercial rates are based on the size and frequency of pickup. Contact Republic Services directly at (800) 234-7481 to discuss your business' needs and learn about pricing.

Q -   At what age are senior discounts applicable?
A -   Residents who are 60 years of age or older are eligible for senior discounts.

Q -   I qualify for the senior discount.  How I apply?

A -   Eligible residents wishing to receive the senior discount should contact Republic at (800) 234-7481 and ask for the discount.

Q -   How often will I receive an invoice for my residential service?
A -   Residential customers will receive one bill every three months. The bill will include the charges for all services that quarter.  For example, the first bill was mailed in May 2015, for services in March, April and May.

Q -   Whom do I pay for trash service?
A -   Republic Services directly bills each customer; please submit payment directly to Republic Services.

Q -   I have not received my invoice. Whom do I contact?
A -   Contact Republic Service's customer support center at (800) 234-7481.

Q -   I do not want trash service. May I cancel it?
A -   No. City ordinance requires that all residential and commercial addresses in the city pay for and maintain solid waste collection services with Republic Services.
Q -   Will the cost of my water bill decrease as a result?
A -   Water bills no longer include a charges for trash service, so the overall bill may be lower as a result.  Note that the cost of water and other related services on your water bill are not affected by the removal of trash billing.

Q -   Is there a fee for paying my bill online?
A -   No, there is no additional fee for paying online. After receiving the first bill, you may set up an online account with Republic on their website (click here to be directed to the correct page). With that online account, you may set up automatic billing, or make one-time payments with credit or debit cards.

Q -   Is there an app that I can download for my smartphone or tablet computer?
A -   Yes; select the appropriate link below for your type of device:


Frequently Asked Questions: Containers

Q -   Does trash need to be bagged?
A -   Yes; bagging trash prevents spills during the collection process.

Q -   Will bagged trash outside of the cart be collected?
A -   Yes, but to avoid animals tearing into the bags and spreading litter, the City prefers that all garbage be contained in a trash receptacle.
Q -   Should I automatically receive a Republic trash cart?
A -   No; if you would like to sign up for a trash cart, call Republic Services at (800) 234-7481 and request the service. There is no charge for the initial set up of your tote service or for the initial delivery of your Republic Services totes. However, if you cancel your tote service and then re-enroll, tote redelivery charges will apply.

Q -   Can I use a trash container that I personally own?
A -   Yes, but only if you own the container.  Republic Services will not service containers that are owned by other solid waste service providers.
Q -   May I use the recycling cart for trash?
A -   No; recycling carts are only to be used for recycling. Trash placed in recycling carts will not be picked up. If you would like a trash cart and have not yet received one, contact Republic Services directly at (800) 234-7481 to request one.
Q -   How big are the Republic trash carts and recycling carts?
A -   Trash carts provided by Republic Services are wheeled 96-gallon carts, and are blue with blue lids.  Recycling carts provided by Republic Services are wheeled 64-gallon carts, and are blue with dark green lids.
Q -   What if I need an extra trash cart?
A -   Extra trash carts are available and can be ordered through Republic Services. The extra cart fee is $5.00 per month per cart. A maximum of two carts per residence is allowed without City permission.

Q -   How many recycle carts may I have?

A -   As a part of the service, each resident will be provided one 64 gallon recycle poly cart. Additional carts are available upon request through Republic Services, at no additional cost. A maximum of two carts per residence is allowed without City permission.

Q -  
I do not want the recycling poly cart that was dropped off at my address.  What should I do?
A -   Contact Republic Services at (800) 234-7481 and instruct them to collect the cart. Note, however, that items that are not placed in the provided Republic recycling poly cart will not be recycled, regardless of the style of container that is used or when the items are placed curbside. Additionally, if you have your tote picked up and then wish for it to be redelivered to you, a tote redelivery charge will apply.

Q -   How quickly can I receive a replacement or additional container?
A -   Replacement or additional containers should be delivered within one week from the date of request, and usually occurs much sooner. If the replacement is due to a container being damaged, that container will be removed at the same time.

Q -   What kind of bags must I use to dispose of Green Waste?

A -   All Green Waste bags must be biodegradable and nothing but plant material, grass, leaves, twigs, etc. may be placed inside the bags. If you do not wish to use a bag, you may place loose green waste in a clean tote, provided that it is not mixed with trash. Large green waste such as tree branches must be tied in small bundles, not to exceed 4 foot in length, and with individual branches not exceeding 4 inches in diameter. Bundles must be easily handled by a single person, so they must not exceed 50lbs; to help avoid unnecessary injuries during handling, smaller bundles are strongly preferred. Additionally, customers may deliver green waste directly to the Living Earth (LETCO) facility on FM 1266 (view the flyer for more information).
Q -   Nobody in my household is physically able to take our trash to the curb. What can we do?
A -   Republic Services offers a "Back Door Pickup" service for such homes, and at no additional cost. The person picking up the trash will retrieve your trash can, empty it, and return it to its original location by your house. Note that this service is only for homes in which nobody is able to take the trash to the curb, and the service is not automatically provided (nor is it excluded) based solely on the age of the residents.

Frequently Asked Questions: Recycling

Q -   Do I need to separate my recyclable materials?
A -   No. All recyclable materials may be placed loose inside the 64-gallon recycling poly cart.

Q -   What materials may I recycle?
A -  
Corrugated cardboard, Cereal boxes, Paper, Envelopes, Magazines, White or colored office paper, Clean juice boxes, School paper, Catalogs, Junk mail, Newspaper, Glass, Plastics (numbers 1-5 & 7 only), Bi-metal cans (food cans), Aluminum cans.

Q -   What materials may not be recycled?
A -   
Light bulbs, Paint/Solvent containers, Hangers, Mirrors, Tissue, Styrofoam, Window glass, Soiled/dirty pizza boxes, Batteries, Tires, Plastic bags.

Q -   I heard that tires are recyclable. Where can I take old tires for recycling?
A -   Tires cannot be recycled through the City's contract with Republic Services. However, o
n the first Friday of every month, any Galveston County resident - not just Dickinson residents - may drop off up to 5 tires for recycling at the Dickinson Public Works building at 3120 Deats Road. The monthly recycling event is held from 7:00am until 10:30am, and is for residential use only, not for commercial disposal. Residents must be able to load and stack tires into the recycling trailer, as assistance will not be available. On Fridays that fall on a holiday, the tire recycling will take place the following Friday.

Q -   The recycling cart is too large and I want to use my own smaller cart.  Is this allowed?
A -   No. By using the designated Republic Services recycling poly cart, drivers are able to identify the nature of the items being discarded. Any items that are not placed in the Republic Services recycling cart will be handled as trash, and will not actually be sent for recycling.

Have questions or need additional information?
Call Republic Services at (800) 234-7481