Drainage Fee Bill

Pursuant to City Ordinance, the City of Dickinson collects a drainage charge from all non-exempt developed properties in Dickinson. This charge allows the City to maintain the municipal drainage utility system, which includes the ditches, culverts, and pipes that make up the City’s storm sewer system.

Drainage Fee Bill - Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions page was last updated at 8:53am on Friday, November 4, 2016.

Q -   Why am I receiving a separate bill?
A -   Until February 28, 2015, the drainage charge was collected through your water bill, on the City’s behalf, by Galveston County WCID#1. The City has since transitioned to billing this fee directly on an annual basis.

Q -   How much should I expect to pay?
A -   The charge is based upon the type of property and the size of the property. In the case of multi-family residential properties, the charge is multiplied by the number of units.

 Drainage Utility Fees Annual Charge 
 Single Family Residential  $48
 Non-Residential < 1/4 acre  $84
 Non-Residential 1/4 - 1/2 acre  $156
 Non-Residential > 1/2 acre  $300
 Multi-family Residential (Per Unit)  $36 per unit



Please note that if you bill contains a delinquent amount for 2015, that amount is prorated and covers only the months of March-December, 2015. The 2016 bill, as with future bills, includes the full annual amount. These fees have not changed since implemented in 2001.

Q -   What is an “exempt” property?
A -   There are several exemptions to the drainage charge:
    1. Lots or tracts owned by either:
        a. The State of Texas;
        b. Galveston County;
        c. The City of Dickinson;
        d. Dickinson Independent School District; or
        e. Galveston County WCID #1.
    2. Property with proper construction and maintenance of a wholly sufficient and privately owned drainage system.
    3. Property held and maintained in its natural state, until such time that the property is developed and all of the public infrastructure constructed has been accepted by the city.
    4. A subdivided lot, until a structure has been built on the lot and a certificate of occupancy has been issued by the city.
    5. Property owned by a religious organization that is exempt from taxation pursuant to V.T.C.A., Tax Code § 11.20.

Q -   Must I contribute to Dickinson Volunteer Fire Department Contribution and Dickinson EMS?
A -   No, payment of the two "contribution" items is strictly voluntary, and is not required.
Q -   How do I pay my bill?
A -   To pay your drainage fee online, click here to go to the City's payment and registration system, and use the account number from your bill.

Bills may also be paid by mail or in person at:
    Dickinson City Hall
    4403 Highway 3
    Dickinson, TX  77539

Payments in person may be made by credit card, cash or check, and are accepted Monday through Thursday from 7:30am to 5:30pm, and Friday from 7:30am to 12:00pm. Make checks payable to "City of Dickinson" and please, do not send cash by mail.

Q -   I am unable to pay my bill in one single payment. What can I do?
A -   If you are unable to pay your bill in one payment, please contact the City for assistance.
Q -   How is this drainage fee bill different to the bill that I pay to WCID#1 (The Water Company) for sewer services?
A -   WCID#1 covers the provision of drinking water and sanitary sewers (i.e. the collection of water from sinks, toilets, bathtubs, etc.) to many addressed in Dickinson, but it does not provide for the collection and handling of rainwater. Rainwater is handled separately from other water, and it is the City of Dickinson that provides this drainage service within our city limits. This drainage charge bill allows the City to provide that service.
Q -   Who can I call with questions about drainage?
A -   If you have questions about drainage problems, or requests for drainage system maintenance, repair, or improvements, please contact Alicen Newman, Assistant to the Public Works Director:
     Telephone: (281) 337-6267 x460
       Fax: (281) 337-0604

Q -   I live in the unincorporated area of Dickinson. Do I need to pay the bill?
A -   Only properties that are inside the city limits of Dickinson are subject to the bill. If you live outside the city limits, you should not receive a bill. If you believe that you have received a bill in error, please contact the City.

Q -   Who can I call with questions about this bill?
A -   If you have questions about this bill, please contact our support team:
     E-mail: drainagefees@ci.dickinson.tx.us

      Telephone: (281) 337-2489 x215
       Fax: (281) 337-6190