Teen Summer Coding Program

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Our Youth Service Librarian is proud to offer teens/tween the chance to learn how to code. Our Summer Coding Program is designed to teach teens/tween how to work together in a collaborative environment that will foster their creativity while at the same time having fun learning about coding.

Some of the projects teens will be discussing and creating are
  • coding website
  • coding apps
  • Learn Scratch
Teens will also be learning about
  • leadership skiils
  • creative and logical thinking skills
  • collaboration skills

Summer 2018 Meeting Dates:

Wednesday Times  Saturday Times 
 June 6 @2:30-3:30pm  June 9 @12:30-1:30pm
 June 13 @2:30-3:30pm  June 16 @12:30-1:30pm
 June 20 @2:30-3:30pm  June 23 @12:30-1:30pm
 June 27 @2:30-3:30pm  June 30 @12:30-1:30pm
 July 11 @2:30-3:30pm  July 7 @12:30-1:30pm
 July 18 @2:30-3:30pm  July 21 @12:30-1:30pm
 July 25 @2:30-3:30pm* Coder Showcase Event  

**To participate in our summer coding program you must sign up at the library.**

*On July 25, 2018, we will have our Coder Showcase as our last meeting of the coder program. Everyone is welcome to our showcase and to listen to what our coders have been doing this summer. They will discuss their projects and their thoughts about coding. At the end of the presentation, there will be a vote and the best project will win a prize.
Tedx Youth Talks- Coding
The following video links were posted on YouTube and are copyright under YouTube Standard YouTube License. 
Coding As Empowerment | Chris Bolton | TEDxYouth@Granville
In this rapidly developing technological world we live in today, there are as many hidden dangers as there are hidden gems. Through sharing a personal story of how he became interested in technology and software development, Chris Bolton teaches youth the importance of understanding coding how it can be used to innovate.
art of code 
The Art of Code | Zach Latta | TEDxYouth@Tallinn
"I believe, if we continue down the path we're currently on, yes, we can teach every young person to code. But I also think, that we're going to teach them that coding is something that's learned through memorization and that coding is something where there's one right answer." Zach offers a new perspective.
Additional Information
To sign up for our Summer Coding Program or have questions about the program
Please contact us at (281)-534-3812 or email our Teen Librarian Sam Torrez