Vial of Life

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What is the EMS L.I.F.E. Program (Vial of LIFE)?

The EMS L.I.F.E. Program, also known as Vial of Life, is a free program that allows individuals to have their complete medical information ready in their home for emergency personnel to reference during an emergency, in the event the patient is not able to speak or cannot recall their information.

Once the person fills out the information sheet with their medical information it is inserted in the provided plastic vial and placed on a shelf in their refrigerator.

Next, the sticker provided inside the vial is placed on the outside door that is most frequently used to enter/exit the residence. 

The sticker alerts arriving emergency personnel to look for the vial with your information in the refrigerator.

Who can benefit from the EMS L.I.F.E. Program?

This program is commonly used by senior citizens, but this life saving program can be used by anyone with or without any disability or medical condition.  

What are the benefits of joining this program?

Simply stated, anyone with or without a health problem can benefit from this program by creating a sense of security knowing that in your time of need all of your medical information is available for a healthcare provider’s review.

How can someone join the Vial of LIFE Program?

Joining the Vial of LIFE program is as easy as making a phone call, going to our website or stopping by our station.  

You can contact the EMS Director or any other EMS staff member to request a Vial of LIFE.

Once the request to join is received, EMS personnel will personally deliver the vial, go over the program, and if needed, help you fill out your information sheet that you insert in the vial and then help to place the stickers in the appropriate locations.


***Please ensure that you update your form no less than once a year, or anytime you have a significant change in medical history***