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City Council


The Dickinson City Council meets at 7:00pm on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. They meet at City Hall.  City Hall is located at 4403 Highway 3.


                                                                                                                              Photo courtesy of www.JimRichard.com


The Mayor is Julie Masters.  She can be reached by phone at (281) 337 6202, or by e-mail at Mayor@ci.dickinson.tx.us.


City Council

Charles Suderman

Position No. 1


Bruce Henderson

Position No. 2 (Mayor Pro Tem)


Walter Wilson

Position No. 3


Wally Deats

Position No. 4


Louis Decker

Position No. 5


William  King III

Position No. 6



You may send questions, comments, and suggestions to the entire city council by e-mail at council@ci.dickinson.tx.us.


Request to address city council should be made in writing to the city secretary's office.  This request must be received by the Monday prior to the posting of a meeting to appear on the next City Council meeting.  Until approval of Mayor is obtained, this request will not be placed on an agenda. The agenda is posted on the Friday prior to the City Council meetings.


The request form is available for download here:  Request to Address City Council


The form should be completed and then printed.  Please submit it to:


City Secretary

4403 Highway 3

Dickinson, Texas 77539

The current city council agendas will be posted on the City Agendas (2014) web page as soon as it is available at city hall.  These copies are provided for the convenience of the public and are for general information only. These items are subject to change at any time. In the event of a conflict between these items and those posted, the posted announcements shall prevail.


Minutes from past council meetings will be posted as soon after they are approved as possible. You can read them on line on the Council Minute Page.


Boards and Commissions


The City of Dickinson has several boards and commissions that assist in the running of the city.  The members of these boards and commissions are nominated by the Mayor and approved by the city council.  Examples of the boards and commissions are Building and Standards, Parks and Recreation, and Planning and Zoning. 


We are always seeking individuals who would be interested in serving on these boards and commissions.  If you are a citizen of Dickinson and think that you would like to serve your community, please complete the Application for Board form and submit it to:

City Secretary

4403 Highway 3

Dickinson, Texas 77539



City of Dickinson, 2007

4403 Highway 3

Dickinson, Texas 77539

(281) 337-2489



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