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With the adoption of the FY 2006 budget, the Mayor and City Council made Dickinson Public Safety the permanent emergency medical services provider for the City.  Dickinson Public Safety currently responds to approximately 2100 emergency 9-1-1 calls for service annually.  This shows a marked increase from the original 1600 calls annually in 2006.   Ambulances are staffed with Paramedic/Firefighters 24 hours per day operating from the City of Dickinson Central Fire Station on FM 517 East at Texas Ave.   Dickinson Public Safety’s response area is approximately 15 sq. miles.  This includes the City of Dickinson and surrounding unincorporated Galveston County.


Dickinson Public Safety has standing protocols under the medical direction of Dr. Paul Fine M.D.  Dr. Fine is also the current medical director for the cities of Texas City and La Marque.  Dickinson Public Safety works closely with these agencies to provide a unified standard of care for their citizens and guests.  In addition Dickinson Public Safety has mutual aid agreements with League City EMS, Santa Fe Emergency Services District, and Galveston County EMS.



Dickinson Public Safety Paramedic/Firefighters serve to supplement the Dickinson Volunteer Fire Department.  As of October 2010, Dickinson Public Safety has staffed a second full time ambulance in response to the growing needs of the city.  Members of the Dickinson Volunteer Fire Department and Dickinson Public Safety’s Fire Marshal’s Office respond as First Responders along with ambulances on major emergencies.

Dickinson Public Safety is working to provide the highest quality of emergency services for the community.  Advantages of this system include:  



o   Local control of cost, quality of care and services

o   Additional firefighter coverage to aid the Volunteer Fire Department

o   Daily inspection and maintenance of fire stations

o   Addition of qualified trainers to assist the Volunteer Fire Department

o   Additional personnel to conduct public fire education programs

o   Pre-incident planning conducted by duty crews

o   Safety-related public education

o   Credit for paid fire protection personnel with ISO  


Ambulance Billing Inquiries:

o   Transport prior to 11/10/2011 contact Intermedix 1-866-398-8999


o   Transport after 11/9/2011 contact Emergicon 1-877-602-2060

EMS Open Records Requests

All open records requests are processed though the City Secretary’s office.

Please be advised, due to HIPAA Federal regulations, all patient protected health information requires a patient release.


Fire Marshal's Office is under the direction of:

Lee Darrow, Fire Marshal (281)337-6262

Email: ldarrow@ci.dickinson.tx.us


Steve Ruthstrom, Assistant Fire Marshal (281)337-6261

Email: sruthstrom@ci.dickinson.tx.us


Emergency Medical Services is under the direction of:

Derek Hunt, EMS Supervisor (281)534-3031 ext. 3102 

Email: dhunt@ci.dickinson.tx.us







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