November 7, 2023 Special Election

On November 7, 2023, the City will hold a special election pertaining to the continuation of the City's Street Maintenance Sales Tax. 

In 2001, the State Legislature authorized a bill that allows cities to levy a ¼ of one-cent sales tax, with voter authorization, for four years to be used exclusively on repairing existing streets. Dickinson residents approved the ¼ of one-cent sales tax in 2011, which provided a dedicated funding source for street repair, maintenance, and reconstruction that the City did not have prior to 2011.

The 2001 legislation included a “sunset clause” which says that the tax will disappear if not reapproved by the voters after 4 years. Dickinson voters approved a four-year reauthorization of the sales tax in 2015.

 In this Special Election, Dickinson voters are again being asked to vote FOR or AGAINST the continued allocation of ¼ of one cent of sales tax to the City’s Street Maintenance Sales Tax. If the dedicated street maintenance sales tax is not reapproved, it will end. Voting on this proposition will not change the City's sales tax rate.