Building Permits & Inspections

The Building Permits & Inspections Division is established for the purpose of providing minimum standards to safeguard life, health, safety, property, and the public welfare by regulating and controlling the design, construction, quality of materials, location, and maintenance of all buildings and structures constructed within the City of Dickinson.


  • Certificate of Occupancy Process
  • Inspections
  • Permit Review and Issuance
  • Plan Review


Permits are required for building construction, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, pools, signs, and many more. If you are unsure if a permit is needed please consult the Community Development Department by calling 281-337-2489 Ext. 254 or Ext. 259. You can also review this flier which is a helpful guide to determine if permits are needed.

All plan review and construction shall be based on the following adopted codes:
  • 2018 International Building Code (Commercial Construction)
  • 2018 International residential Code (Residential Construction)
  • 2018 International Mechanical Code
  • 2018 International Plumbing Code
  • 2018 Energy Conservation Code
  • 2018 Fuel Gas Code
  • 2017 National Electrical Code