History of the Department

Original Dickinson Police Department Officers, January 1, 1983Development of the Village & Department
August 1977
Dickinson became incorporated. A Marshal’s Office was created shortly after. The Marshal worked in conjunction with the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office.

Early 1982
Citizens of Dickinson file suit opposing the incorporation and annexation of county lands, but lost. The Police Department was then created in November of 1982. It employed 1 Lieutenant, 1 Sergeant, and 8 officers.

November to December, 1982
Holding cell, booking facilities, video cameras, and communications systems were installed. Five used DPS patrol cars were purchased and the Marshall’s office was closed.

January 1, 1983
First day which officers of the newly formed department began serving the City of Dickinson.

June 1983
Wayne Broussard moved from sergeant to Chief of Police.

March 1986

Positions of Criminal Investigator and Warrant Officer were created.

April 1995

Ralph Garcia was named Chief of Police to replace Wayne Broussard.

September 1996
Cecil Wingo was named interim chief of police.

January 1997

Ron Morales was named chief of police.

January 2002

Department moves from its original station at City Hall to new state of the art building at 4000 Liggio Street.
October 2002

The authorized strength of the Police Department is raised from 25 to 29 full-time officers. Two jailers, a motorcycle officer, and a sex crimes detective are added.