Drainage Operations


The Drainage Operations works to minimize or reduce the potential flooding of streets and neighborhoods during periods of high rainfall by maintaining the city’s drainage system.  

The Drainage Operations is responsible for the following:

  • cleaning of roadside ditches
  • cleaning of off-road ditches
  • culvert cleaning and maintenance
  • litter control   
  • cleaning of stormwater manholes and inlets

Comprehensive Drainage Study

HDR Claunch and Miller completed the Comprehensive Drainage Study in 2010 and identified flooding hot spots in the city. The study provides different alternatives for solving the issues and prioritize the projects. Funding will be set apart each year to complete the projects recommended by the study. View the reports below:

Hurricane Season

The Public Works Department is always proactive in preparing for hurricane season, ensuring that minor drainage improvements all around the city are completed, while not interfering with the Comprehensive Drainage Study.
Citizens can place requests to have their roadside ditches or culverts cleaned by phone or online.