Stormwater Management Operations (Right of Way)

Stormwater Quality Management

In 1972 the federal government passed the Clean Water Act. Since its passage, the quality of our nation’s waters has improved dramatically. However, degraded or impaired water bodies still exist. According to the latest National Water Quality Inventory, 40% of our surveyed US water bodies are impaired or do not meet federal standards. The leading source of impairment is polluted storm water runoff.

Water quality is not just a coastal issue. Quality issues starts in all regions and affects mountainous areas as well as regions close to oceans.

Benefits to Clean Water Resources in Dickinson

Human activities can harm or improve the condition of a watershed, including the water quality, its fish and wildlife, its forests and other vegetation, and the quality of life for people who live there. Some of the benefits of clean water resources are listed below:
  • Water provides recreation for Dickinson and Galveston County residents
  • It attracts tourists, boosting the local economy
  • Bodies of water provide homes to many types of marine and wildlife in our area.