Crime Victims Liaison Office


The goal of the Crime Victim Liaison is to help reduce the impact of crime on the victim, as well as reduce the likelihood of continued victimization. Nyna Burright, the Crime Victim Liaison, will help victims locate all available services to help restore their quality of life, as well as assist victims in navigating the criminal justice system.

Mission Statement

The Crime Victim Liaison’s mission is to protect the rights of and provide services to victims and survivors of violent crimes. The Crime Victim Liaison will intervene on behalf of the victim to assist in preventing hardships that have resulted from the crime.

Victim’s Rights

The Crime Victim Liaison will explain victim’s rights as defined in our Texas Constitution and in Article 56 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. The CVL will assist victims in completing the appropriate paperwork to apply for benefits from the Texas Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund. This fund is administered by the Texas Attorney General’s office.

Finding Resolution with Assistance

The Dickinson Police Department Crime Victim Liaison will assist victims needing resolution to problems resulting from crime through telephone contact and office visits. The CVL can act as a liaison between the victim and case detectives, obtaining information concerning the status of their case.

Alleviating Psychological & Emotional Trauma

Victims of violent crimes can experience financial difficulties and a confusing court system. The Crime Victim Liaison can assist crime victims through these trying times. Our liaison will refer victims to community resources that can help victims deal with the aftermath of the crime.

Contact Information:

Nyna Burright, Crime Victim Liaison