Community Policing Division

Formed in 1998, the Community Policing Division is designed to provide a link between the community and the Dickinson Police Department. The major goals of the program include providing information to the community on programs, activities and educational opportunities such as: 
  • Bicycle Rodeos
  • The D.P.D. Citizens Police Academy
  • Home security inspections
  • Business inspections for crime prevention
  • The D.P.D. Student Police Academy
  • Programs tailored to meet specific needs i.e. crime reports for a neighborhood
  • Presentations at neighborhood association meetings or civic events
The Community Policing Division in providing a link between the Dickinson Police Department and the community seeks to enhance the Community Oriented Policing philosophy that forms the basis of the departments operations.

Bicycle Rodeos
Throughout the year, the Dickinson Police Department sponsors Bicycle Rodeos for children, students and organizations requesting them. These events teach bicycle nomenclature, cycling safety, along with the applicable state and Federal laws. The program may include a safety track that helps children practice turns, stops, and how to safely navigate through obstacles. A high point of the rodeo is the giving away of bicycle equipment like helmets and reflectors and an actual bicycle. The rodeo and free equipment is designed to encourage safe riding practices and for children to have fun while learning.