evac zones

Calling for an Evacuation

The entire City of Dickinson lies within an area where evacuation is recommended in the event of a category 4 or 5 hurricanes.  For the area of the city east of Interstate 45, evacuation is recommend for category 3 hurricanes.

The mayor or county judge are authorized to call for a mandatory evacuation of the city if conditions warrant.  If an evacuation is called, you must leave the area.

You should have started to prepare your home for the storm prior to the call for mandatory evacuation. Complete your preparations, pack additional clothing as well as your hurricane kit and leave the area.

Evacuation Plans

Importance of Evacuations

The ultimate goal is to allow all citizens that want to evacuate inland from a hurricane the opportunity to do so safely before any pre-landfall impacts such as tidal surge or winds reach 40 MPH. The decision to issue an evacuation will typically be made 30 to 36 hours before the expected onset of 40 MPH winds. Due to the uncertainty in hurricane forecasts, there will be events when you may be asked to evacuate, that in hindsight were not necessary. The City, Office of Emergency Management, and NWS Officials would all prefer you leave when you do not have to, rather than to stay when you should have left.