Citizens on Patrol Program

Citizens on Patrol Group Picture
The Citizens ON Patrol (COP's) program is a voluntary community based program that features current members of the Dickinson Citizen's Police Academy Alumni Association  (DCPAAA) in a proactive role supporting the Police Department and their neighborhoods. Using police vehicles that have been restriped (Citizen's On Patrol) members patrol neighborhoods and area businesses alert for possible issues or problems that can be relayed to the PD dispatcher and an officer dispatched for further investigation or assistance.  
Invaluable community service is rendered each time they patrol as they are continually checking for street lights not working, damaged streets, and conducting 'vacation watches' for their neighbors. In addition, COP's duties involve assisting the Police Department with community events like the annual Strawberry Festival and the Red, White & Bayou Crawfish and Music Festival with traffic control at accidents and events.

The COP's programs greatest contribution lies in it's ability to be a link with the neighborhood and the police department.They provide the department with information on possible criminal activity and local issues that may otherwise go unreported.

All hours volunteered are recorded and, through a special national presidential program started by then president George W. Bush, the Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) their efforts and service receive national recognition.

To become part of the Dickinson Police Department' Citizens On Patrol program, contact Officer Tony Valdez (281-337-6370) to enroll in the next Citizens Police Academy.