Citizens Police Academy

Next Citizens Police Academy begins Thursday, February 8, 2018.  Applications will be accepted until January 20, 2018.  

To apply for upcoming classes or for more information, contact the Community Policing Division at 281-337-6370 or email Officer Tony Valdez.

The Dickinson Police Department Citizen's Police Academy (DCPA) is an interactive program designed to give citizens a thorough understanding of the department, it's operations and personnel. It provides citizens with the opportunity to interact with the officers and administrators, giving them a first-hand experience in meeting and learning about the men and women who make up the divisions of the department and who serve the community.

Started in 1999, the DCPA has been in continuous operation with two sessions each year and can proudly point to over 400 citizens having completed the course.

Teaching Staff & Speakers

The DCPA teaching staff is comprised of police officers, detectives, department administrators, jail staff and the liaison from the Crime victim's program. Guest speakers have included a representative from the Texas Rangers, the mayor of the City of Dickinson and the business administrator.

The DCPA curriculum will have sessions on the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, the Penal Code, the Health and Safety Code and the Transportation Code. Specific programs on areas like traffic enforcement, narcotics, criminal investigations, canine patrol and juvenile law are also included. Of special interest are the classes on Use of Force and Firearms. Citizens are given the opportunity to fire a weapon in a supervised setting at a range and to experience the perils of conducting a search in a darkened building.

Program Details

The DCPA program meets every Thursday for fifteen weeks. The sessions normally last about three to four hours and individual classes missed may be attended in a later program. enrollment is limited to 25 participants. All class members must have applied prior to and been accepted before attending any class.The application process does involve a background check of each individual and participants cannot have been convicted of a Felony or be in current litigation.
There is no fee for the program and the Dickinson Police Department provides all materials.

Dickinson Citizen's Police Academy Alumni Association (DCPAAA)

Graduates of the DCPA, (or those that have completed 2/3 of the academy) are then qualified for membership in the Citizen's Police Academy Alumni Association (DCPAAA). The DCPAAA is an organization of alumni of the CPA and comprised entirely of DCPA graduates. 

The DCPAAA works closely with the Dickinson Police Department and the Dickinson Police Officers Association with community oriented projects and concerns. The DCPAAA meets once a month and are often involved in forming fund raisers and committees that have positive effects on the community.

View the DCPAAA brochure (PDF) for additional details as well as visit the DCPAAA online resource.