The Patrol Division or Uniform Services Division is under the command of Captain Oscar Stoker. This unit consists of 2 separate divisions, Patrol and the Patrol Support Services Section. The support service section includes traffic units, community outreach officers, jail personnel, and warrant officers.


The Patrol Division is divided into 4 separate shifts, each shift is staffed by 1 sergeant and 4 patrolmen. All of our patrol shifts work a rotating 12-hour schedule.

Warrant / Jail

The Warrant / Jail Section consists of 1 patrolman, 1 part-time officer, 2 full-time civilian jailers and 3 part-time civilian jailers. The warrant section is responsible for serving warrants issued by the Municipal Court provides bailiff duties for the court and oversees the daily operations of the city jail. In addition to these duties, they can also assist as relief patrolmen assisting the Patrol Division when needed.

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Section consists of 1 full-time Patrol Officer and 1 part-time officer. These officers work on all community oriented policing programs sponsored by the Dickinson Police Department as well as coordination of the Citizen’s Police Academy and the Citizens on Patrol Program.


The Training Section consists of 1 part-time officer. He coordinates training for the entire department. He also insures that all officers are up to date on mandatory training as required by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education.
Traffic Enforcement / Bike Patrol
The Dickinson Police Department strives to keep the streets of Dickinson safe for drivers and pedestrians alike. All members of the Patrol Division assist with enforcement of traffic laws. In addition the department has a bike patrol unit that consist of several patrol officers who are deployed to problem traffic areas which my be hard to maneuver around while in a police vehicle.

Targeted Areas of Enforcement 

The Traffic Enforcement Unit targets areas of concern through out the city. This includes school zones, high accident areas, and areas of concern reported by citizens.  If you wish to report a traffic enforcement problem you can contact the division by phone or
find the online Traffic Enforcement Complaint Form.