Fireworks Information

In an effort to protect the property and life of the Citizens of Dickinson, the sale, use, or possession of fireworks in the City of Dickinson is prohibited.  The specific ordinance that addresses this issue is outlined in the City of Dickinson Code of Ordinances Chapter 7, Article III, and Section 7.60 which reads:

Sec. 7-60. Sale, use and possession of fireworks.

(a)    It shall be unlawful for any person to cast, throw, fire, detonate, store, sell or offer for sale, (either retail or wholesale), manufacture or have in one's possession any combustible fireworks of any kind within the city.

(b)   Any fireworks being possessed, used, sold, offered for sale or stored in violation of this section within the city without the person having obtained a permit issued by the city, are declared contraband and may be confiscated, without warrant, by any police officer and destroyed under direction of the Fire Marshal.

(c)   The word "fireworks," as used in this section, shall be held to include any sparkler, squib, rocket, firecracker, roman candle and any other device used to obtain visible or audible pyrotechnic display.

(Ord. No. 15-80, §§ 1--3, 11-11-80; Ord. No. 104-86, § 5, 11-25-86)

Please be aware that not only can fireworks found within the City of Dickinson be confiscated (in concordance with Texas House Bill # 1813), in addition, the person in possession of or discharging the fireworks may be issued a citation.