Comprehensive Plan

On September 27, 2016, the City of Dickinson adopted it's first comprehensive plan. The purpose of the comprehensive plan is to establish goals and guidelines for future development decisions in Dickinson.

This plan provides a unified vision of what Dickinson should become and a long-range statement of the City’s public policies. It is important to note that this plan is not a mandate; it is a flexible guide for City Staff and City decision-makers to determine the future of Dickinson. Below you will find the full comprehensive plan, as well as the individual chapters for those that wish to read specific sections. The City has also provided additional planning related documents/studies that have been completed and are referenced throughout the plan.

Related Documents/Studies

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  • Future Land Use Map
  • Future Thoroughfare Plan

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

The comprehensive plan is the official document that guides decisions for future growth and development in Dickinson. The Texas Local Government Code established the legal basis for the comprehensive plan and it is used as the basis of subsequent zoning amendments. The comprehensive plan consists of interrelated chapters, or elements, analyzing the City of Dickinson's future land use, transportation, housing, and other infrastructure issues, needs, challenges, and opportunities. The comprehensive plan is important because it sets the overall policy context for future growth and development for Dickinson. The comprehensive plan addresses growth pressures in the city, future public facilities needs, preservation of community character and natural resources, economic growth and quality of life initiatives.