Development Requirements

Development in the floodplain in Dickinson requires a permit per Chapter 14 of the Dickinson City Code of Ordinances. Development includes, but is not limited to, all new construction, filling, grading, and paving. Substantially damaged or improved structures, where the cost of repair (regardless of the cause of damage) or improvements to a structure equals or exceeds 50% of the building's market value, also require building permits and elevation certificates, and are held to the same standards as new construction.

National Flood Insurance Program

Communities participating in the National Flood Insurance Program must regulate to minimum standards in order to provide subsidized flood insurance to their citizens. In some cases, the City of Dickinson has chosen to provide higher standards above the minimum standards in order to provide further protections to its citizens. One higher standard Dickinson adheres to in its floodplain ordinance is the requirement of all new construction and substantially improved structures to be built at a minimum of 18 inches above the base flood elevation.

Higher Standards

Higher standards are necessary to safeguard properties from future flood damage because the minimum standards are not always enough to provide the best protection. In the end, the higher standards will also mean a cost savings to the property owners on their flood insurance premiums. It is true that higher regulatory standards provide added protection to structures, but they do not completely eliminate the flooding threat.

Ask First Before Constructing

Contact the Dickinson Community Development Department for advice before you construct or place anything in the floodplain to ensure that the proper regulations are followed. Any development in the floodplain without a permit is illegal, and such activity should be reported to the Community Development Department immediately. Permit information can also be obtained at the Dickinson City Hall located at 4403 Highway 3.


Elevation certificates are required by the Community Development Department in order to verify that new construction and substantial improvements meet the ordinances and regulations of the City. Elevation Certificates on some properties in the floodplain and in other areas of the city are on file with the Community Development Department and can be accessed on the Elevation Certificates page.


Anybody interested in how to build a safe and compliant home located in the floodplain should reference our Publications page to find useful information.