Public Notices

The City of Dickinson is publishing Buyout/Acquisition Housing Guidelines for public comment from Monday, May 3, 2021 to Thursday, June 3, 2021. The guidelines can be accessed below. The Dickinson Housing Guidelines provide a blueprint for implementing and closing a Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery Buyout and Acquisition Program. The purpose of these guidelines is to aid in the long-term recovery efforts following Hurricane Harvey; specifically, to assist in moving eligible property owners who have suffered repetitive flooding out of harm’s way through fair market value buyouts or by redeveloping flood-prone properties for future mitigation activities through the acquisition process. 

Questions regarding these guidelines or requests for more information should be directed to the following: 

Community Development Director, City of Dickinson, 4403 Highway 3, Dickinson, Texas 77539, (281) 337-6204,

City of Dickinson Buyout/Acquisition Program Housing Guidelines

City of Dickinson Housing Program Map