2023-2026 Repaving Projects

Nearly a Million Dollars in Repaving Projects Across the City Set to Kick Off Next Month

At the February 14th City Council meeting, Council approved a $602,000 annual contract with Waller County Construction out of Hempstead to repave over 185,000 square feet of roadways throughout the City. The City has also reallocated additional funding just shy of $365,000 to allow for more areas of the City to be included in the roads being paved this fiscal year.

The project will be separated into five phases:

  • Emergency repairs began today, March 22nd, in the Cheyenne subdivision totaling $200,000 due to underground drainage pipe failures. 
  • The first phase will include repaving 132,038 sq ft of roadway to include Victoria Street, Beatrice Ave, Ivy Lane, Avenue H, 42nd Street, Kansas Street, 39th Street, and 37th Street. The streets will be repaved in the order listed above from April 1 - May 31, 2023.
  • The second phase will include the repaving of 111,460 sq ft of roadway to include Luhning Drive, California Avenue, Utah Avenue, Wyoming Ave, Galveston Avenue, and Colorado Avenue. The second phase will begin over the summer.
  • Over the next two years, the City plans to repave 24 more streets in Phase 3 & 4 in the total amount of 453,310 square feet.

Each section of the roadway will be milled up, and the subgrade will be repaired. They will then lay a 3" limestone base, reset the grade, and ensure that the new pavement drains properly. They will complete it with a 2.5" overlay of compacted Type D HMAC Asphalt. 

Waller County Construction previously completed the large mill and overlay project on Shadowlane Drive, where the paved, resurfaced and repaired 15.300' of the roadway. The project was completed on schedule and passed all inspections. 

"These repairs are just the beginning of a Capital Improvement Plan that will drastically improve all of the City's thoroughfares over the next 5 years," said City Manager Theo Melancon. "Some of these roads were laid with no limestone base and only a 2" overlay, so the 5.5" overlay is going to provide a noticeable and long-lasting difference for everyone in the community."  


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