How does the service work?

Dickinson Office of Emergency Management will either record a voice message or issue text based messaging that is then delivered quickly to individual registered landline phones, emails and text messages in the notification database. If you have any questions, please email us.

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1. What is the DickinsonALERT service?
2. How does the service work?
3. What types of messages are sent using this service?
4. Does the DickinsonALERT service replace other systems that have been used to provide time-sensitive information to residents?
5. Is my telephone number included in the notification database?
6. May I use a cell phone number as my notification database listing?
7. What precautions are being taken to protect personal information?
8. Will there be a way to positively identify incoming calls, texts or emails sent out by the city using the DickinsonALERT system?
9. Will the DickinsonALERT service work if I have a call screening system on my phone?
10. If I am a non-resident home or condominium owner, what phone should be listed in the notification database?