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Mobile Food Vendor Application

  1. The application fee for a mobile food vendor permit shall be $100.00. Each mobile food vendor unit shall be permitted separately; provided, however, only one permit shall be required for a mobile food court. The application fee for a mobile food court shall be $100.00 for each mobile food vendor participating in the mobile food court.
  2. Permits shall be issued for one-year terms.
  3. You will be invoiced for fee payment after the permit is approved.
  4. I am applying for:*

    A mobile food court is any parcel of land where three or more mobile food vendors congregate to offer food or beverages for sale to the public.

    There must be a minimum of three (3) mobile food vendors to be eligible for a mobile food court permit.

  5. Has the applicant ever been convicted of any felony or a misdemeanor involving theft, fraud, bribery, sexual offense or perjury, or has any unpaid civil judgments?*
  6. In addition, the applicant shall authorize the City's police department to perform a criminal background check on the applicant. *
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